Holiday Wine Tasting on Sunday December 14, 2014 from 3 – 5 PM

Vine is thrilled to host a wine tasting on Sunday December 14 from 3 – 5 PM during the Winter Gift Fair by Blue Oven Kitchens in our parking lot.  We will have Sarah Moeller of JF Wine Imports offer four great wine options for your holiday meals.  We will serve a flight of our special wine selections with complementary baguette and goat cheese topping.   We hope you will join us for this special event.  For just $10 we will serve the following:

Rosier Blanquette de Limoux

Chateau Simon Bordeaux Graves Blanc

Chateau Colin de Pay Bordeaux

Domaine de Cristia Rasteau

Please contact us by phone, email or at Vine if you’d like to reserve a seat.  We hope to see you there!

More information about JF Wines:

JFInfo     Juiced     JFAgAward

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