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Ward’s Market is a locally-owned and operated grocery store,
dedicated to providing the best quality, selection, and prices.
Every day we deliver bread to Ward’s to be sold in store.

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Strongtree Coffee is fair-trade, organic, and local.
Every cup of coffee at Vine is brewed daily
from Strongtree Coffee beans.

Civilization is a dine-in restaurant that is
community funded and cooperatively run.
They offer lunch, dinner, and brunch menus.

Artie’s Tempeh

Many of the sandwiches offered at Vine
for lunch are made using Artie’s Tempeh!
You can find it for yourself in the freezer section at Ward’s.


Root & Pecker has a variety of local and international products
and features an all-natural ice cream bar
along with sandwiches, soups, and salads.

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John Snyder created all of the beautiful mugs that we serve our
coffee/tea in. If you’re interested in purchasing any,
you can ask someone in store or visit John’s website.

The Daily Green is located in southeast downtown
Gainesville and specializes in healthy, quick eats.
They offer many vegetarian and vegan options!

Siembra Farm is a small, USDA Certified Organic
family farm located in southeast Gainesville.
Siembra provides us with our fresh, seasonal vegetables.

 Manuel’s Vintage Room

Manuel’s is a top-rated restaurant in Gainesville
serving outstanding Italian food, impeccable service
and a vast selection of fine wine.

 Possum Hollow Farm

Possum Hollow has been contributing to the community
since 1992. Their produce can be found at both the
downtown and Haile’s farmer’s markets.

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 Rosie’s Organic Farm


Fables Catering & Such

 Downtown and Haile Farmer’s Markets

Charitable Giving