Pay it Forward

In August 2014, Vine teamed up with GRACE Marketplace, a local homeless service provider. Our goal is to provide fresh bread to the food insecure so that they have access to good quality bread. Since then we have donated $3,270 in hand made fresh organic bread to GRACE Marketplace. In addition to our donations, we’d like to encourage customers to participate in our “pay it forward” program.


Visit GRACE Marketplace’s website to learn more.

Vine is currently donating 10 loaves a week to Grace Marketplace in order to help provide fresh bread to the 200 homeless folks that they feed each night. This bread is currently being used by Holy Trinity Episcopal Church so they can make sandwiches for the folks at GRACE Marketplace on Thursdays. We’d like to also encourage our customers to participate in our “pay it forward” program in which they can purchase a loaf (or loaves) of bread (pay for the bread but do not actually take it home with them) that will be tallied in our GRACE bank and then used by any volunteer group making meals for GRACE to place orders on any other day of the week (except Sunday). Vine will always provide 10 loaves of bread to GRACE regardless of how many “pay it forward” purchases are made.  The point to this program is to provide fresh rather than old bread to the food insecure. We believe that everyone should have access to bread that is wholesome and freshly made. If you would like to contribute to our pay it forward program you can do so by coming into the store and telling our cashier that you’d like to contribute to the pay it forward program for GRACE Marketplace. You can also contribute by sending a PayPal payment to with “pay it forward” in the note field.

To learn more about GRACE Marketplace visit their website at